The Deliberate Life

” I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.  I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to put to rout all that was not life, and not when I had come to die, discover that I had not truly lived.” – Thoreau

Life is a journey.  We are all travelers navigating through the tangled mediums of people, space, and time.  The path we choose is guided by connections with people who enhance our perspective, by places that reach inside us and speak to our soul.  By decisions we refer to as instinct.  By moments that leave footprints in our hearts, and change us forever.  We are either makers of our own destiny, or slaves to our lost purpose  – at the mercy of these collisions with fate.  Whatever the choice we make, we wander this earth contributing to the energy of life as equals, intertwined in a divine web of possibilities.

A traveler’s path can be challenging.  It can be rewarding, enlightening, even frightening.  It is ever changing and evolving.  There is never an end – for it is the journey we cherish, not the destination.  This site is not about seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.  It promotes lifestyle choices that make us more human, to approach life with a sense of wonder and adventure.  Ultimately, it is about living deliberately.

Living deliberately means to live with intention.  To move forward through your days with purpose and clarity, not to trudge along clouded in the routines dictated by our blinded society.  Living deliberately implies that a man’s happiness is directly proportional to his willingness to pursue his dreams, of his fortitude to live an accomplished life, to uphold his ideals, to get the most out of his days.  It means choosing a lifestyle of ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’.  It is living life to its fullest and acquiring an inner peace from the daily choices you make.

If we someday look back on our lives as a succession of meaningful moments, what content would they be comprised of?  Would we remember the books we read?  The friends we made?  The struggles we endured? The mountains we climbed or the trails we roamed?  Would we dabble in the brilliance of our treasured sunsets and the glory of our proudest accomplishments?  Would we feel like we had lived a deliberate life?

Tomorrow is always a fresh start for intention.

You make the choice every day,

You can be alive tomorrow,

or you can choose to live tomorrow.


8 responses to “The Deliberate Life

  1. Ian George


  2. Jared Pothier

    Very inspirational and thought provoking. I can’t wait for the next piece.

  3. Ausa J. Wodtke

    Your writing is very thoughtful and sophisticated.

  4. Marcel Schwarb

    I can relate to this; it’s very refreshing! I applaud you as a forward thinker at your young age. After all, we are only leasing space on this planet for such a short time. Agreed, so lets make the most of it. More dreams could definitely be met if more people came to this realization. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ryan

    I enjoyed this article in particular because I believe it is a dilemma that we all deal with. The superficialities of life-as-we-are-told-to-live slowly dement us from a true existence. You have to do well in school so you can progress to college so you can get a job that makes a lot of money and hopefully you’ll find happiness on the way. Life is preformulated. I desire a greater sense of humanity from our society as, I too, feel the heavy shackles of the modern life, as well as an insatiable thirst to overcome it. Our lives are incredibly complex; we have laws, codes, and rules to abide by, veneers to parade, social stratifications, and all of this is structured by time as priority. This inhibits the deliberate life and the result is a production line of miserable people that think they are happy because they have forgotten there is anything else. I’m glad you haven’t forgotten.

  6. And I know you haven’t. I knew you would understand .
    I’m glad I reached you.

    As Americans we need to take advantage of our innate entitlement to carve our own unique path in the world, should we choose to actually listen to that inner voice. The one that tells us what is right or wrong in the face of adversity. The one that aches inside, encouraging us to stop that assembly line and break free of what we (you/I) consider a modernized repression. What makes one soul flourish may make another dwindle – we have to discover what is right for ourselves. Counter to that thought, it is good to remember that if its not worth fighting for, than what is it worth? Sometimes we must simply go through empty motions we see as in-genuine, to work towards the end result. If there is no suffering, then how can one truly appreciate the fruits of his labor? The motions are only as preformulated as we may believe them to be – despite the laws/rules/social norms, true freedom lies in the mind and in the attitude of your daily approach to such interactions. I agree wholeheartedly, that most of our culture has forgotten what the core of existence really is, and how to stay connected with that primitive force. However, I believe one of the crucial keys to happiness is balance, in all forms. If we are too ‘primitive’ then we loose touch with the reality that we live in day to day – sure there are moments, weekends, trips of clarity that release us, but ultimately we are forced to return to our surroundings. Just remember to keep those moments with you, keep them close by to remind you of what really matters during the times that try one’s soul.

  7. Ryan

    There definitely must be a balance; not everyone can spend two years at Walden’s pond to realize what else life has to offer, but I feel we would both agree that the deliberate life is too easily lost in the shuffle of modern life’s chaos. We cannot deny or overcome it, we must find a way to deal with it without forgetting that the modern life alone is not all that life has to offer. A requirement of human existence is to be less than genuine at times, but it is how we hold these ideals in our heart and actions that show our true nature.

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