Michael Pollan

It is with highest praise reserved for only the most articulate and piquant of writers that counter culture groups have embraced Michael Pollan as their spokesman for today’s food movement.  Pollan’s writing offers a truly refreshing slant on the politics of food, its sources, and the consumer’s culture.   Other topics of interest include naturalistic viewpoints on botany, architecture, and solitude.   His books have rippled the nation like a shock wave.

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Thom Hartmann

What many consider to be the ‘depressing state of affairs’ our world is presently in, Thom Hartmann summarizes this as the evolution of problems that have come to plague our planet and its inhabitants.  He takes a unique approach to educating his readers – rather than utilizing commonplace scare tactics to elicit a response, Hartmann educates readers with the history of how things came to be this way.  Backed by countless sources, Hartmann’s Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight comprehensively explains the biological, geographical, and psychological factors that drive the forces of destruction in the modern world – he then offers solutions.  What we like most?  Thom Hartmann provokes a guaranteed paradigm shift.

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Ashley Ambirge

The bird.  The big F-U.  The middle finger.  This all is what Ashley Ambirge has to say to Corporate America.  A true advocate for entrepreneurship, this pioneer has just said good-bye and flipped off her past publishing world with her pilot website – The Middle Finger Project.  Ambirge is a brilliant source of inspiration to the pioneer spirit, and the composition of her blog has grown to nourish those lost – packed with encouragement, knowledge, and a hearty laugh.  She recently has taken her work to the next level with her E-book, which gives the average Joe the confidence and know-how to step out on a limb of his own.

Daniel Quinn

His story starts with our beloved gorilla character.  From there, Daniel Quinn takes you on what he refers to as ‘an adventure of the mind and spirit’ while he navigates you through the history of earth from the eyes of Ishmael, the intelligent gorilla.  Quinn explores the principles behind our mythology, cultural norms, ethics, and how they fit into the challenging puzzle of sustainability. 


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