The Bucket List

Travel all continents (5/7)

Travel all 50 states (13/50)

Complete engineering degree

Make a quilt

Take an Indian cooking class

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Climb Mount Rainier

Go skydiving

Climb the Cascade Mountain chain (4/?)

Complete a triathlon

Work for the Forest Service

Run the Boston Marathon

Complete the STP ride

Become Wilderness Rescue certified

Complete the Boeing Alpine Society climbing course

Teach a kid to swim

Scuba dive the Blue Hole

Learn to surf

Lead a 5.4 climb

Lead a 5.6 climb

Hike the Wonderland Trail

Hike the Timberland Trail

Climb the Half Dome

Swim with dolphins

Ride a camel

Ride an elephant

Knit a sweater

Learn to crochet

Spin my own yarn

Grow a garden

Build a tree fort

Stay with a tribe

Become a mushroom expert

Learn to identify wild plants

Have a home with self sustainable energy

Catch a wild salmon

Catch a steelhead

Have a successful turkey hunt

Raft down the Deschutes River

Write a book


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